Get Your Dream Career – Even in This Economy

Today’s economy is creating a FEAR that is racing through our world psyche and causing people to pull back, hunker down, and put their dreams away.

That’s true for the person who has lost their job and for those who have decided to stay put, and not go for their dream career.

This parasite of FEAR is telling us that now is not the time to go for that dream career. Instead, we’re focused on just getting a job – any job.

It’s the wrong approach in a fearful time.

What happens to a rabbit who freezes when a hunter’s gun is aimed at him? That’s right. He’s dispatched to rabbit heaven – pronto!

What happened to companies like C.W. Post when, during the Great Depression, they pulled back on marketing? They lost market share and customer trust and never again regained their market position, especially relative to their main competitor – Kellogg.

The Kellogg Company has a very different story.

Kellogg increased their marketing efforts during the Great Depression. As a result, they increased their market share and customer brand loyalty – which continues nearly 80 years later.

Proctor and Gamble created their biggest growth ever during the Great Depression. They sponsored radio shows and had their brand associated with over 21 programs.

What’s the point?

The point is that pulling back on your efforts to develop a meaningful career during economic stress is exactly the wrong thing to do. Here’s why.

When you allow fear to dominate your life, you play small. You’re afraid to look for new ideas, trends and possibilities; you may find yourself ‘sucking up’ to the boss you dislike just so he won’t think of you first if the time comes to cut staff.

Or, you may be afraid to try new things. You hide out, hoping no one will notice you, so your productivity suffers.

You may experience stress induced headaches, stomach aches, colds, lethargy, fatigue or sleeplessness.

Finally, you start to believe that your dream career is not within your reach – and you give up. How sad is that?

But there’s another way.

I’ve often said that action trumps fear – every time!

  • If you want that meaningful career, take action!
  • If you hate your current job, take action!
  • If you want a work purpose that matches your values and vision for your life, take action!

Consider this: during every time of stress, downturn and difficulty, there are hidden opportunities, needs and problems to be solved. Those who survive and thrive in difficult times, are those who look for the opportunities – and take action on them.

Isn’t it time for you to take action?