Master & Learn Guitar – Master Guitar in 3 Simple Steps

No matter how long you’ve played your six string for, at some point, every guitar player has a choice to make. Either you can decide to play just for fun, or, you can decide to get really serious and decide to master and learn guitar.  If this is you, congratulations, you are about to embark on a fantastic, challenging and yet rewarding musical journey.

There are many different ways to master and learn guitar. I would like to share with you three simple steps that will allow you to focus your quest in pursuing the guitar more seriously.

1.  Find a guitar instructor
2.  Increase your practice schedule
3.  Practice in modules

1.  Find a guitar instructor:  It is of utmost importance that if you’re going to get serious in learning how to master and learn guitar; that you find an instructor that has played the guitar for more than 10 years. If your teacher has a musical education behind them, even better.  Having someone to tutor you on guitar will allow you to stay focused and learn proper technique more quickly than if you were to try learning on your own. The guitar instructor will also be able to challenge your playing abilities and give you homework that will allow you to improve your playing skills

2.  Increase your practice schedule:  If you are a casual player who practices occasionally, this will need to stop. I generally recommend to a beginner guitar player a bare minimum of two times a week for a half hour. In the case of a serious musician wanting to master and learn guitar, I recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 times a week for an hour. Increasing your practice schedule will allow you more time to practice all of the various techniques such as  scales, chords, and arpeggios that you will be learning on the guitar.

3.  Practice in modules:  Now that you’ve decided to increase your practice times; you will want to make sure that you stay focused during these times practice. It can be very easy to get distracted, or play what you have already learned in the past. The secret to staying focused is to practice in module units. Module units are mini 10 minute learning periods of time. For example, during a one hour practice session you’ll warm-up for 10 minutes, practice chords for 10 minutes, scales for another 10, arpeggios for another 10, a new song for 10 more minutes, and end off with some sight reading practice.  Remember, if you’re serious about learning how to master and learn guitar your modular practice times are not the time to play whatever you want to.  Save playtime on your instrument as a reward for your hours worth of practice.