Mike Shanahan, the New Coach of Redskins

Coach Mike Shanahan has always been a great head coach. Many nay sayers have always thought that the only reason for his success was the great John Elway. With this in mind it will be very interesting to see what happens with coach Shanahan has planned for his new team, the Washington Redskins.

It will be quite interesting to see what coach Shanahan can accomplish with the Redskins offense seeing as how he has always been considered one of the greatest offensive coordinators in the NFL. The interesting thing about Mike Shanahans deal with the Redskins is that he has not only been given the position of head coach but he has also been given the title of Executive Vice President. Shanahan made his formal debut on Wednesday, one day after signing his contract and only two days after Jim Zorn was fired after a 4-12 season.

When he was asked about what he felt what the outcome of his stent with the Redskins would be he said “It doesn’t happen overnight,” “but we’re going to give it the best shot we have.” Head coach Mike Shanahan has head his fair share of rough times as a coach to go along with his glory and honor.He was fired a year ago after the Broncos missed the playoffs for the third straight season.

The great thing for coach Shanahan has to be the pay off. He has signed a five-year, $35 million contract so regardless of what happens he will fair well. All and all I think that the new relationship between Shanahan and the Redskins will be profitable for both parties, team and coach.

How to Find the Qualified Online Coaching Program That Fits You

There had been a shift to coaching program; we can enjoy coaching program at the comfort of our home. How is that possible? Through online coaching program, coaching has been made easy and simple. To unmask your intelligence level or put a more curve in your learning career you can have it done online.

But what are things we need to consider in finding the qualified coaching program for us? Finding the online coaching program that fits you is like choosing from a set of clothes. We want to wear the best clothes to achieve maximum level of confidence, with the coaching program we also need to choose the best to achieve maximum level of learning.


What is it that I want to be coached for? Determining the coaching opportunity that you need to improve can be a best help to knowing the online coaching program that fits you. Why? Because there are varieties of fields that the online program is specializing, it could be business, personal and many others. Narrow down the options and then select the one that fits your need.


This covers a wide section in the process. It could run from checking the integrity of the coaching program, the coach and the curriculum the coach is offering. This is the most vital part because through checking you have an idea whether the knowledge, information, ideas and situations that the coach may impart is of help to you. This is a point wherein it determines whether the coach can add up something to your learning curve or not.


After checking, you need to validate whether the information you acquire are all true. Online can provide you many tools to validate the data gathered if it coincides to the information you have collected. Blogs and other information site can be of big help as a way of validating information. Perhaps you can try to contact personnel on the online coaching programs and asked them information just to verify or ask the clients that have already enrolled in the program.


Everything is all set and you have already acquired all the information needed then it’s time to finalize. If all passed your standard and criteria then it’s time for you to join the program, I know that you will not regret it since all information were searched and gathered and were carefully considered.

Those things must be accomplished in choosing the best online program. Choosing the best online program is like shopping, that is why there’s what we called “window shopping” because before we buy the item we checked first from stall to stall so that the thing we purchased is the best. That goes the same with choosing the best online program, go shopping!