How to Study to Maximize Your College Success Or University Success

I remember when I was in high school, I would be studying for tests and exams in my room while my radio was turned up really loud. It just felt like a cool thing to do. And I got through high school well enough to get into university. When I started university, I of course used the same study methods since I thought they were my proven way. The result was that I almost ending up failing some of my first year courses.

It’s great listening to music blasting away in your room but if your head isn’t absorbing the stuff you’re suppose to be studying and your grades suffer, then you need a change in study environment. This means turning off the tunes until your study session is done. Can’t concentrate in your room or friends always interrupting? Then hit the library and find some quiet space.

Also, make a habit of studying regularly, even right after tests so that you will be prepared well in advance for the next one. This way, most course material will still be fresh in your mind by the time final exams come. This is one of the secret strategies college success or university success. Taking the time to study even when there are no exams just around the corner helps you learn your material so much better so you won’t have to do any last minute cramming for exams. This way of studying was a drastic change in my study habits. It was time consuming since I had to allocate regular study time during my days even when there were no exams in the near future. But it did work extremely well in helping me know the course material.

Back in high school, some teachers might have hassled you if your grades were low. At university or college, nobody is going to be on your case to study. This might sound good but if your study habits are lousy, you might end up failing out and many professors won’t really care. Again, I almost failed out of my first year and had to really improve on my studying to stay in. I did improve my grades well enough by my fourth year to get accepted into one of the MBA schools.

When I got to MBA school, it was a good thing that I had developed better study habits because we needed a B average to stay in the program. During our first semester, we lost about a quarter of our students because they couldn’t make that minimum B average.

There’s much more competition from other students for the top grades at this level of learning. It really pays to have good study habits. Good money was paid for your tuition so don’t fail out. Put in the time to study as if it was your full time job for the present. This will help insure that you are a college success or university success.

Of course, getting exposed to good external guest speakers on campus will also add to your college or university success since they often teach you about things that are not normally covered in your courses. Plus you don’t have to study the material presented by the guest speakers which is a welcome change.

The Most Effective Brain Food For Exams

Which types of brain food for exams should someone take while preparing for an exam? This has been a major concern for many students. The major thing that people do not factor in is their digestive system. Any food you consume should be well digested so as to achieve the most from it otherwise it may harm you. Therefore if you are a student, you should go for foods that can be easily digested and are high in vitamins, minerals and other crucial components.Also note that the brain is obviously the main organ which is used during an exam, so people studying for exams should eat foods that will stimulate the brain.

Listed below are some brain food for exams which are effective when studying for that big test.

– Oatmeal, breads that are whole grain, cereals, popcorn and brown rice increase blood flow towards the brain. Wholegrain meals and cereals have vitamin B6, while wheat germ is high in thiamine that assists in memory improvement.

– Fish found in cold water such as salmon and tuna are good sources of omega 3 which enhances energy, improves learning capability, enhances problem tackling skills, improves memory, and boosts communication in the cells found in the brain.

– Do not forget about eggs, they are rich in vitamin B, eggs also offer crucial fatty acids to the brain. The yolk contains choline that assists in memory boost.Try for free range eggs.

– Red meat and liver contain dietary oil that is crucial in supplying the brain with oxygen so that it can function normally.

– Most people do not like consuming foods that contain oil but organic and plant oils offer the needed memory boost and fatty acids to the brain. You can easily get these oils from olive and flax seed.

– You should not leave out green vegetables in your diet. They also boost memory.

– Fruits that are colored such as water melon, apples, and oranges help one to remember things easily.

– Chocolate has been said to promote verbal and visual memory and enhance impulse control and the reaction moment. Dark chocolate enhances blood flow to the brain and enhances cognitive abilities.

– Beans are high in antioxidants, iron and other essential nutrients that assist in maintaining blood sugar levels and also make the brain more active.

– Green tea and black tea enhances the brain.

– Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese are known to enhance alertness and memory.

– Carbohydrates are also known to offer a soothing sensation to the brain. But you should consume it without proteins present so as to get maximum benefit from them.

Just remember, what you eat does not only affect your body but also your brain. So to perform well get rid of that packet of potato chips and consume the right kind of brain food for exams, your results will benefit from it.